Vivek Kumar

It’s that time of the year when everyone has ‘scary things’ on their mind, to prepare for Halloween, a day dedicated to dead. Halloween parties, games, food are all being discussed right now to celebrate this day on October 31 (Saturday). While you might have your own ideas for the party menu, we have these five interesting YouTube recipes that might be useful for you.

1. Hoot Owl Cookies: This is probably the only recipe on list which is not going to spook you out that much.
Click here for the recipe
2. Halloween punch: This blood red punch will surely quench your thirst.
Click here for the recipe
3. Witches’ fingers: If you can survive looking at these, you can very well have a couple of them.
Click here for the recipe
4. Gummy Worms: Gobbling up a handful of these worms will not do you any harm.
Click here for recipe
5. Brain Cake: Don’t eat your friend’s brain. Just shut up, and have this brain cake.
Click here for recipe
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