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Today we're gonna make together
Kfc double down sandwich

I'm really excited to share this with you
as it's really one of kfc's special sandwiches

So, let's get to the ingredients

1. Two breaded chicken breasts

2. several slices of Monterrey Jack cheese

3. two strips of beef bacon (and yes that's
actually what I said just two strips) and of
course if you want to put four or even more
you're free to do this.

4. a slathering of a sauce

and here's the sauce ingredients
1. mayo
2. ketchup
3. Dijon
4. chopped dill pickle

Now let's get to the procedures
It's a really easy sandwich and you're gonna

love making it

In formulating the sauce Mix all of the sauce
ingredients together which are the (mayo, Ketchup
Dijon, chopped dill pickle)

1. blend the mixture until smooth. Store
it in the refrigerator for about an hour before
use to allow flavors to blend. (it's pretty
much the same as the big mac sauce.)

2. Start out with two skinless boneless chicken

3. Dip them in successive bowls of flour,
whipped egg, and herbed breadcrumbs.

4. Next fry them in hot oil until they are
a pleasing shade of brown.

5. In the meantime, fry two thick pieces of
beef bacon, and mix them with the secret sauce.

6. Put a chicken breast in the bottom then
a slice of cheese then put the pieces of bacon
then again a slice of cheese and the sauce
then top them all with the other chicken breast.

and you know what, that's it, here you go!

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