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This delicious malai laddoo infused with the delicate flavour of kewra, shines out like a bright ray of sunshine on a dull rainy day! Pop one in to experience what we’re talking about!

Malai Ladoo recipe is one of the simplest sweet recipes you can make at home on festivals and occasions. In festive seasons we all have some doubts over quality of sweets we get in market, So why not you make sweets at home only and Malai Laddo would be a yummy delight to serve on festivals. Minimum Ingredients and Maximum taste this is what we can say about Malai Ladoo.

Ingredients For Malai Ladoo Recipe

  • Paneer (Cottage Cheese)- 250gm
  • Condensed Milk- 100gm
  • Cardamom Powder- 1/2tsp
  • Pista- 10-15
  • Kesar (Saffron)- 10-15

How to make: Steps For Malai Ladoo Recipe

  • Firstly we have to mash paneer (Cottage Cheese) with pressure of your palm till it get too smooth. It will take around 10 minutes, I prefer to use homemade paneer for this recipe of malai ladoo.
  • After this put condensed milk in a non stick pan. You can get condensed milk in market, but if you can’t get it near you, then you can also make it at home
  • With condensed milk put mashed paneer in pan and mix them. Cook this mixture on medium flame till this mixture get thicker.
  • We just have to evaporate its moisture and want to keep this mixture white. Take care it should not turn brown, that’s why I recommend to use non stick pan for this malai ladoo recipe.
  • After mixture loose its moisture and get thicker, transfer it to a plate. Let it cool for 2 minutes so that you can able to pick up mixture in hands and make its ladoo.
  • Don’t cool it for more time otherwise mixture will become dry and can’t turn into round ladoo.
    In these 2 minutes mix kesar (saffron) with luke warm milk so that kesar spread its color in it.
  • Now make round balls of mixture, turn it into lovely laddo.
  • In last garnish ladoo with kesar and its colored milk, pista and cardamom powder. They are like Sone Par Suhaga or you can say icing on the cake :)

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