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Navratri Special Samak Kheer Recipe for vrat days. This kheer has special rice known as samak rice which can be consumed in Navratri days. Learn how to make navratri special samak chawal kheer.

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Ingredients For Navratri Special Samak Kheer Recipe

  • Samo Rice (Samak Chawal)- 80 gm
  • Milk- 2 ltr
  • Sugar- 100gm
  • Almonds- 10
  • Soaked & Peeled Almonds (chopped) – 10
  • Raisins (Kishmish)- 15gm
  • Dry Coconut- 20gm
  • Cardamom- 4pc
  • Saffron (kesar) – 7-8 threads

Navratri Special Samak Kheer Recipe

  • Firstly put milk in a deep pan (kadhai/ pateela) and with that put samak rice in it. Before adding samak rice wash it properly. With that only add elaichi & kesar into it.
  • Keep it on high flame till milk gets boil. After a boil in milk, turn flame to medium. Stir kheer in between so that it doesn’t stick to surface of pan.
  • Press rice with base of serving spoon, so that it mix well with milk and gives a smooth texture to kheer. After kheer starts turning thick, at that time add raisins, sugar, grated coconut and chopped almonds into it and mix them all well.
  • Cook it for few more minutes, total cooking time would be around 1 hour and then you can serve kheer hot or cool it in refrigerator and serve it cool cool. Surely try my Navratri special Kheer Recipe.

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