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Kalakand Recipe

Today I am sharing Kalakand recipe with you, which you can make in just 10 minutes. Kalakand is one of popular Indian sweet recipes also popular as Malai Burfi. This is one of my favourite recipes and I just love to make it at home. Kalakand or malai burfi has a creamy juicy flavor which makes it special, but it has a short shelf life, so that you can store it for 2 days only.

Kalakand Recipe Ingredients

  • Condensed Milk- 400 gm/ 1 Tin
  • Crumbled Paneer- 300 gm
  • Milk- 2 tbs
  • Rose Water or Cardamom powder – 1 tsp
  • Cashew nut/ Almonds/ Pistacho- 15-25 (Chopped)

Kalakand Recipe Steps

Firstly we will have to do some preparation before starting this easy Instant Kalakand Recipe.
Grease Plate or tray with desi ghee, in which you have to set kalakand.
  • Chop or crush dry fruits.
  • Grate or crumble paneer, there should be not chunks in crumble paneer. I suggest you to crumble paneer than grating, as it will give better texture to kalakand.

Cooking Steps

  • Now firstly add condensed milk and crumbled paneer to a heavy bottom pan. Mix them well and cook the mix on low flame.
  • Stir the mixture continuously so that it will not stick to pan and prevent it from burning.
  • Cook mixture till it turn thick and start leaving its pan. It will take around 14-16 minutes to thicken kalakand mixture. Mixture should be thicken with little moisture in it.

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